Driveway Lights -Nesting

So I’m running all my old webcore rules for now as I transition from ST to Hubitat. But now it’s time to start learning RM as I’m struggling with having all my rules spread over too many apps... simple automation, motion lighting, RM, webcore, etc.

I can’t figure out if there is a capture/return to state of a dimmer and I really don’t want multiple rules if I can get it into 1 reasonably.

What I want is the driveway lights to come on to 8% at a specific time, and turn off at a specific time. Between those two times, I want it to brighten when motion is detected and go back to 8% when motion is inactive (+10minutes).

Here is what I would think the nesting would look like... Would this work? Is there a more efficient way? Would motion lighting or simple automation be capable of this?

I would approach this as two rules. I use a Virtual Switch for "Dark" so that would be a good way to limit the motion of the Driveway lights. Then you just need a at sunset turn on to 8 and at sunrise turn off. rule.

In general it has been said that "Rules are free" Having more rules with smaller chunks of logic is better overall for the system.

I spent about 10 min thinking about how to do this as one rule and do it as effectively as possible. The only think I could think would be to change the Motion trigger to active and use a wait for condition for the inactive

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