DRIVERS / PAIRING for Tuya Smart Zigbee Siren Alarm Waterproof Outdoor With Solar

Hello Everyone!!

Hope this one is a quick one. I haven't unboxed this yet but wanted to check with all Likeminded people before I unbox.

I have bought the "Tuya Smart Zigbee Siren Alarm Waterproof Outdoor with Solar and USB Power Supply Optional 95dB Remote Control" off AliExpress & wondering if this an OTB pair with Hubitat or do I need special drivers for this to work?

Thanks for your input & response.

Thanks @JumpJump

This article speaks about HomeAssistant & using Zigbee2MQTT.
Anything which suggests how to make it work on Hubitat Hub?


Using the info from the z2m convertor you can potentially make a driver. They have done a lot of work for you. You could potentially also leverage z2m with the routing driver.

This device differs significantly from the other Tuya Sirens supported by this driver.

So currently it is not supported in Hubitat.

Did anyone make any progress with this? Just looking at what Zigbee outdoor sirens are available for Hubitat.