[DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

That is awesome thank you for this!!!!

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Sounds like it.


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I was thinking the same thing and thought what have I missed? I thought this feature was limited ti zigbee only.

@agnes.zooz thanks for your reply but what do you know that we don’t? :slight_smile:

I don't have any details unfortunately, other than that HE has our OTA files in case they decide to add them to the library for easier access. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later :slight_smile:

We're doing our best to be better at keeping the documentation and changelog up to date :see_no_evil: Thanks for your patience!


Any info on current fw for the zen77?

Installed a few tonight, and a few won't turn off all the way. Trying to determine if fixtures, LED's, or firmware.

10.0 is available for those but I dont think it will solve that. It is likely the bulbs you are using. Are they dimmable? The dimmers let a small amount of voltage through even when off and non-dimmable and even some dimmable bulbs will possibly stay on at that low voltage. Most dimmable bulbs will turn off.

Yea, 1 I know is dimmable. Another I wasn't sure and you are probable right. Will mess with the config more today

This sounds like an issue with the driver on the bulbs. Please get in touch with our support if changing the bulbs doesn't help and we'll do our best to troubleshoot this for you quickly.


First, thanks for all the work. These drivers are essential to making the double tap events actually useable. Plus, it makes all the parameters a bit easier to read too.

Just to contribute something, I have a few Zen72's on v10 firmware. They do not like parameter 7, at least mine don't. Maybe if I used associations it would work, but as-is the switch will be in perpetual pending sync on that one setting.

I went into the driver, scrolled down to line 1245 and added it == associationReportsParam which, from the 5 minutes I spent skimming things, seems to exclude that parameter from Zen7x devices. The switches now sync properly. FYI.

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Ok thanks for the tip, they possibly removed that param on v10 although that would be a shame because I know a few people use it. I plan to redo the entire parameter setup soon so I can better handle the different firmware versions and have better backward compatibility. I have a couple of the 7x switches and all the v10 firmware files so I will test it out when I get to that.

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I noticed that I was having trouble operating the switch from the app until I changed the Paramater #7 from All of Above Default to "Physical Tap on Zen / TImer".

Now the Physical Switches and App Control are working/syncing correctly. I can't explain why app control works with the setting I changed but it does.

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Hello, I want a couple of zen27 phyical switches to be associated only on triple tap up/down. Is that possible?

They do not have that ability in the firmware, but you can use the built in "Button Controller" app in Hubitat to create rules to do the desired actions. The only difference in this and associations is the hub has to be on for it to work, and there might a slightly longer delays (fractions of a second in my experience). Here is an example where I have the triple tap up or down on any device in the room activate scenes for preset brightness levels (you could just as easily activate another device directly).



Hello, has anyone got associations to work with double tap to full brightness? I'm using v3.03 firmware for zen27 switches but the double tap to full brightness only works on the switch that I tap and not the associated switch.

I used switch bindings app to make up for it but there is very noticeable lag time.

It’s possible zooz overlooked that in the firmware, or it is intentional. Did you do the group 2 and 3 association? 2 should be on off and 3 should be level changes. Also have you changed Param 7 from default? What is it set to?

Not sure if the built in button controller would work faster or not? Should be easy to setup in there.

Yes I changed Group 2 and Group 3 for the associations for both switches. After upgrading to v3.03 firmware I changed Parameter 7 from Default to "Physical Tap on Zen/ Z-Wave Command / Timer". I found the performance was better with that setting for whatever reason. I did try the default for Parameter 7 but still no luck.

I took a look at button controller app but don't see a double tap operation (only pushed, held, released):

Do the operations get populated based on the specific device?

I used the button numbers per the Zooz docs, so double tap is buttons 3 and 4 (pushed)


Thank you... This is the piece I was missing.

Replaced an old Zwave GE Dimmer with this Zooz Zen22.. I've updated it to what shows as firmware 4.03..

I'm wondering, is this dimmer supposed to flash once it hits 100%? Kind of driving my wife and I crazy when we set it to 100%.

  • Shane

The light is flashing? No that is not normal. Try setting the maximum brightness down to 95% see if that helps? Otherwise it could be an issue with your bulbs. Some cheaper bulbs do not play nice with all types of dimmers. Feit was always on the incompatible list but I have some of their bulbs and they work for me. I also have some Sylvania that work.

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