Driver Support for AXIS Gear

Could Hubitat add "official" or native support for the AXIS Gear motorized shade device?

Update - As requested, I'm including a poll (Let me know if it doesn't work, first time)!

On a scale of 1 -5, how interested are you in official driver support for Axis Gear motorized shades?

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BPTWorld has already done a great job unofficially porting the smartthings driver over ("[PORT] AXIS Gear Driver" is the post name - sorry I can't post links yet) and it basically works with the native smartthings driver but there are a couple issues and it can be flaky (though I'd guess that's more of a device firmware issues).

For example, the dashboard "shades" template (though the "dimmer" template does) doesn't work with the existing drivers (the slider doesn't do anything).

Loving Hubitat overall!

Thanks in Advance,

I Second that.

Make a Poll - get visibility!

Added - not sure if it was the right poll type, but figured I'd give a non-standard pole a shot.