Driver : SMS Sender with webcore on ST

If somebody already created something like this, then just ignore. I am new to creating smartapps and drivers. I hate that sending SMS seems so difficult on HE, so I created a piston on my ST hub that I no longer use. I created a driver that takes a webcore piston url and a phone number as parameters. It has a function of send message(). It seems a post request to the piston, which them seems an SMS.

preferences {
input "url", "text", title: "Webcore Piston URL", description: "", required: true, displayDuringSetup: true
input "phonenumber", "number", title: "Phone number to send message to", required: true, displayDuringSetup: true

metadata {
definition (
name: "SMS Sender",
namespace: "adamlp84",
author: ""
) {
capability "Actuator"
command "sendMessage", ["string"]

def sendMessage(message) {
log.trace "Sending message: " + message
httpPost(url, "message=" + message + "&phonenumber=" + phonenumber) { response ->
content =
log.debug "response: ${content}"