Driver Not Turning Off 100% on First Push

Running Sunricher drivers and Aeotec Quad Wallmotes.

If you look at the image, the current level of the driver is 60%. It gets in that state when I press the Wallmote to turn off the light and the light does turn off but the driver still thinks the lights are on at 60% so when I go to push the Wallmote to turn the lights back on, the driver turns OFF.

Any idea how to get rid of this LEVEL attribute as I am not trying to dim the lights, just turn ON and OFF.

The level value is independent of the switch status.
Turning a light off does not set it's level to 0.
Dimmers retain their previous level setting when turned off and on, this follows how smart dimmers operate physically.
Think of them like the old school rotary dimmers that were push for on off and rotate for level changes.

Thank you for the response. I understand the angle with the rotary dimmers. I do not have any levels set so not sure the fix. I have others that do not have this issue running on a different hub. Very perplexing.

It looks like two of your off events are followed by an on event about a hundred milliseconds later.

As @mike.maxwell said, it doesn’t seem like a problem with the level attribute.

Something’s causing the device to send extra on events?

Yes, that is me pressing the Wallmote button again to trigger the off. The last log shows 60% because I did not press the button again to trigger the off. Essentially it takes 2 button pushes to turn off the lights. Thanks for any guidance.

That seems odd, can you post a screen shot of whatever app or rule youre using to control the device?
And as a second request, does operating the dimmer using the on and off commands from the driver details page operate the dimmer as expected?

Not sure if I was explaining clearly what I meant, but here’s a marked up version of your screenshot with the events I’m referring to:

For example, the device turned off at 8:51:33.087, but then it turned back on at 8:51:33.372 (or that’s what it reported to the hub at least).

That’s only 285ms apart. That was you tapping the wallmote twice?

Thank you very much for your assistance but I did figure out the issue. To answer your question, I was tapping the wall most twice but the root cause was the driver type used for the driver. By default the hub added drivers as Generic Z-Wave Dimmer type however the drivers that are working properly are Generic Z-Wave RGBWW Controller. Strange but I have fixed it. Thank you for your help.