Driver "in use" or not

I went to delete some of my unused community drivers, then found out they were not marked as in use by like apps and devices. Is there any way of checking without looking at the device list?

I'm pretty sure it warns you when you try to delete the driver. Would want to test this, and I'm not sure if it gives you the list...

You can also sort the devices list by type, so you should be able to tell from there what devices use a driver easily enough.

the bottom of the driver page should show what automations or rules it is used in.

Not sure what you mean? The page with the editable code on it? I can't see anything but the code itself on that page

You're not thinking of this device page are you?

Fortunately it's not a big problem for me as I have not let it grow in to a huge mess, but I think I might make a feature request :slight_smile:

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For drivers you should be able to just look at the DEVICES page in the ui, and then sort by TYPE to see if it is in use or not.

Yes, it is a manual look -up process, but really not that cumbersome if you just open 2 tabs/windows.

  • The only caveat to this is CHILD drivers. The TYPE field on the devices page sorts by the PARENT driver name. So if you have child devices you have to check those separately/manually by looking through the device list.
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Yeah I noticed that, would need to be a combo of sort and a search on the page

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Yeah that's what I am doing for now. Still would be nice to have it automated with the result behind a gearwheel on the driver page - or even just a little flag to say "in use" :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could also see if something similar could be added to HPM, if it isn't there already. Wouldn't be a solution for every driver, but still a nice feature.

If the device driver is called 'Fred', type Fred in the search line at the top of the devices page and it should show all instances of the word Fred. Is this what you are after?

Well now I don't actually use HPM. I did try a couple of times but found the instructions for using it more complicated than just copy and pasting the code myself, and it all went horribly wrong for me :smiley: I have a list of links to the drivers I use so I can check for updates at intervals.

I am already doing (in fact done now) by cross checking with the devices. But I am a great believer in making things easy by automation :smiley: