Driver for Aqara sensor via Hub Link?

I finally got my Aqara Temp/Pressure/Humidity sensor connected to my SmartThings hub, where it is more stable. It is showing in Hubitat via Hub Link.
Which driver should I specify for it on Hubitat? Currently using Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor by markusl, but it's doing something weird with the temperature, and it's not showing air pressure or humidity. Also coming up with all this "not present" stuff as if it's trying to reach it directly rather than via Hub Link

I cannot give you a definitive answer about which driver to use for Hub Link but the markus driver you are using is for the device connected directly to HE. So I would be surprised if it did work well.
I use HubConnect and with that, when you select a device, it shows you a list of what drivers are needed on the other hub for the devices work OK.

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The above is correct: you want a HubConnect driver for this device on Hubitat, not a "real" Zigbee/Z-Wave driver. As for which HubConnect driver to use, if you want those exact three attributes (temperature, humidity, and pressure), I'm not sure anything built-in is an exact match. A custom HubConnect driver would probably be the best way then. I have a few of these and only care about temperature and humidity. In that case, I cheat and use either the Iris v3 motion driver or the Ommisensor driver (way too much but does include what I want). These are both close and include temperature and humidity but not pressure. There are unnecessary attributes like motion and whatnot (more on the Omni; not sure if I did this originally because it was easier to select or what...) that you can ignore, but for me, this was easier than messing with anything else. :slight_smile:

Ok I am trying the Omnipurpose one. The wretched things fallen off Smartthings already and it's only like two feet away from the hub. I am beginning to wonder if the device is simply faulty. The one in my back garden is still working perfectly with the Hubitat hub, several metres away.

They are notorious for "falling off" SmartThings and Hubitat networks and likely anything besides their own hub. If you haven't read this thread, it's pretty much a must-read for using them. While written for Hubitat, the takeaway message is equally applicable to ST: Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected. That message is basically "only use Xiaomi-friendly repeaters," of which very few are known (though pairing close to the hub is likely a good way to prevent them from trying something else, it's still no guarantee, and if you're only using ST for this and don't have Zigbee repeaters, then it's even more mysterious...).

Well I do have smartthings power outlets all over the place, on the Hubitat zigbee network, and I am aware they are not compatible (yeah I read that thread already). But I was reassured by the one in the garden being so happy, so I went and bought these two new ones for elsewhere. I am now trying out the second of the two new ones with hubitat and see if that works better. I am certainly not getting yet another hub for these awkward creatures! NB the only other thing on the ST hub was a zwave sensative.

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