Download Firmware Updates

Where can I find a link to download any of the firmware updates for the Hub? Is there an officially provided way of downloading the firmware or has anyone MiTM the firmware update process yet to find out what URL it hits to download the firmware? Or has anyone themself extracted the firmware yet?

If you are after a repository where they are all kept then as far as I know there isn't one.
If you are just looking to update your hub then just click on settings and update the hub.

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No, he's looking to 'crack' the OS and install his own Self-Signed cert. :slight_smile:

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I thought that was where we were headed but just thought I would go down the polite route first. :wink:

Eh, doesn't hurt me (or Hubitat, in my opinion) if he does... :slight_smile: While I might not help it get done, I am pretty liberal in my views of hacking for self use/improvement on a product I paid for (regardless what what the eula legal nonsense that isn't likely legal itself says).

Necessity is the mother of invention and all.

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But would you go posting about your efforts on the forum run by the company who's product you are trying to hack? :wink:


@csteele Well that was part of the reason I wanted the firmware. I also wanted it in case I botched up my Hubitat while missing with it. I wanted the firmware so I could reflash it and fix anything I broke. :slight_smile: Plus a lot of information about a system can be found out by digging through the firmware.

But how would you load that firmware onto the hub? I assume that they have some type of security in place to prevent you from spoofing the servers. So, it really won't gain you anything. You can't upload firmware the same way you can upload a backup.

@Ryan780 I am not trying to “hack” it so to speak. I have no intention of doing anything maliciously. When I switched over from Wink, my understanding was that Hubitat’s main mission was to allow the owner to control their data all locally run. Personally if I was in their shoes I wouldn’t frown up this. I think the heart of the matter is that Hubitat isn’t ready for everyday consumers. I think a lot of the people using Hubitat are more technologically adapt, especially when looking at the state of Hubitat’s GUI. So it’s very disappointing to see even with the state it’s in that they haven’t enabled some of these more “advanced” features when in reality the majority of the users are probably technologically adept. Let’s say Hubitat goes out of business, by having a community that has had access to the firmware and board itself we can as a community continue to contribute software updates. I also have a slight interest in auditing the firmware but I’m not expecting much since they have taken the approach it’s on your network it’s secure. It’s 2020 SSL is standard, there needs to be a way to use your own certificate.

Depending on the methods used and use case this could very fall under DMCA section 1201 which legalizes the jail breaking of electronic devices. That would certainly supersede any EULA.

@Ryan780 You can flash the firmware onto the device, it requires you to take the board out of the case and find the correct pin out, it is absolutely doable. Now it’s not something the average consumer is going to be doing. But if they enabled a way to do that it would be beneficial to the consumer and Hubitat’s customer support. Consumers could reflash the firmware rather than having to send the device in for customer support to reflash it.

Possibly. Maybe even probably.

That's said, for products I've paid for (I don't condone piracy) I never worry about that when modding for personal use.

Now, if I developed an exploit package and shared with others.... Well, I would care about the legality very much. :slight_smile: But I would never do that, and is largely outside if my area of expertise in any case.


Same here. Not that I have a lot of free time to tinker with things on that level these days.
I believe in the individual right to do-so.


I fully support both parts of this.

Being able to have full control of the device and being able to upload firmware to the device for updates. I was quickly shot down when I asked questions around this as well. @Jacob have you made any progress?

I have a Hubitat on an isolated network and having to move it just to update it is not only a pain but also feels out of place for the Hubitat. The whole point, for me at least, was to have a hub that didn't rely on the cloud. Yet it relies on the cloud for updates...


Just for a sake of curiosity: how would you manage updates without a cloud?


Same as with the router I use for network cameras that is also offline. Download the firmware, like ddwrt / tomato / etc, go to the firmware update page, select the file and let the device go through it's upgrade process.

So you would download from . . . a cloud.

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@Eric.C.Miller Your response was of course predictable and what I assumed @roberto was going to come back with.

I've learned over the years that stubborn people are just that, stubborn. And it's hard if not next to impossible for them to think some people have a need for a feature that they do not. I'm not going to sit here and go back and forth with you guys as I only wanted to show my support for the feature request.

However I do stand by the point that if working offline is one of the big selling points of a product you are selling, you should be able to update it's firmware offline as well and not require people to have it connected to the internet . . . a cloud.

@Eric.C.Miller, @roberto Have a good night gentlemen.


Actually, I felt the need to have some fun - I apologize.

I do see the value in being able to download the update file separate from the device to be updated and then point the device to the location of the update. Not too many people will use it but it definitely would be useful for some.


Or it’s possible by releasing their firmware to the public, they inadvertently give an edge to a competitor that ends up driving them out of business?

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