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I have two hubs (C7). While one (the one on wifi) can download the update in seconds (and complete the update), my wired hub download fails (and the download takes a reeeeeally long time).

I've rebooted the hub several times to no avail. Anything else I can try? The failing hub is my primary hub.

To recap:
Issue 1 - download of latest update fails on wired hub
Issue 2 - download on wired hub is incredibly slow (relative to wifi with 350mbps download speeds).

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Not exactly the same issue as:

but the solution might be the same…

Also, can you try Settings - Network setup and changing Ethernet speed value to opposite of whatever is there (pick Auto negotiated for below example).



Note: this dramatically improved the download time. I didn't have advanced settings turned on so I didn't even know it was there... Auto should be the default. :man_shrugging:t2:

Update In Progress


The Hubitat community comes through again.

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Auto gives fits with certain switches/routers, so we have the option. I think TP-Link is one of the brands that has issues with "auto" or was it d-link?
I don't know, I've read about 5000 posts over the last 3 years and can't remember them all

Word. I have an Orbi setup. S'all good now! :+1:

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Wow, I just discovered Orbi after coming from multiple setups, TP_Link, Asus, Netgear. Lastly I tried 2 unifi AC Pro-LR access points, better than all the standard routers, but later stumbled on a set of RBR50 & 2 RBK Sats, from the junkyard ! In my house the Orbi's killed the Unifi's. My cellphone roams like magic. Using PFsense on an old I7-4500 mini-itx , it's another junkyard save, an old Datto NAS box with dual NICs

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