Downdetector integration?

As much as I wish I could cut the wifi cord between HE and Alexa, I have many automations utilizing HE/Alexa interactions. Fortunately, they are all non-“critical” ones (no safety nor security ones, only convenience automations). The current (as in as of right now) Alexa server problem got me wondering if I could extract information from the Downdetector site as that is one of my go to sites to check to help in diagnosing if one of my automations suddenly stops working. I’d like to set up a dashboard tile coupled with a Pushover notification to inform me whenever Downdetector reports an outage. It would be nice to be able to take the image of the report chart in Downdetector and place it in a tile as well. Does anyone know how a key word indicating that a service is down in the site can be picked up in a virtual device so that it can be used to trigger a notification via RM?

The goal would be to have a dashboard that shows: 1) if any cloud based service that is used in automations is down, 2) if wifi is down (already possible I believe by pinging a device), 3) if mains power is down or has been interrupted (again already done), and 4) monitoring status of Zigbee and Z-wave devices (already done). I’m already monitoring Hub status (CPU% usage, Free Memory and DB usage) and would like to add in the above information. In this way, I can look at one dashboard and get a quick overview of what is, or is not working to easily figure out what to “fix” (or what I just have to “wait on” if it is a cloud problem). I realize the solution is to make my system totally local, but is simply not practical at this time in my situation, and for the most part, I have been lucky and it is very rare for any of my few (i only use two) cloud based services to go down. TIA for any suggestions.


Seems like this could be useful... for an outage like this weekends Alexa/Amazon outage would have been nice to have a notification in Hubitat.

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Looks like they have an API but it mentions “enterprise” which seems like it’s not free:

Should able to do an asyncHttpGet and search the response for a phrase that would tell you that there was an issue or not. From there you could do a number of things depending on your appetite for coding...

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