Double-tap on Mirror App

Is there a way to make double-tap work on the Mirror app? In other words, send a double-tap command to the destination device.

Not that I know of; it's really intended for lights and switches. The UI will tell you which events are "forwarded," and it's normally just ones related to those typical device capabilities like switch, level, etc.

But you can likely still do this--you'd just need a rule that triggers on the doubleTapped event on the "source" device, then runs the doubleTap() command on the "target" device, passing the same button number. (As of platform 2.2.6, this is a required command on all button devices that implement the double-tap capability. Stock drivers should all have it, and so should well written, up-to-date community drivers--but your luck may still vary with those.)

However, regardless of how you do it (even if were built-in to Mirror), this would just be a digital/virtual event. If a physical double-tap does something on the device due to device-specific configuration (e.g., some dimmers can turn on to full brightness with a double tap up as a hardware feature--no hub involvement), this won't work for that. It would only be useful for triggering the same hub-based automation as a doubleTapped event would--and you can do that with or without involving the "target" device (why not just add the "source" device event as a trigger or whatnot to the original app/rule instead?).

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It's kinda what I'm doing now. I have 2 light switches in the kitchen, each turn on/off different can lights. I use Mirror to turn them both on/off when the first wall switch is pushed.

However, there is a third switch in the kitchen for the under counter lights. I use double-tap in a RM turn on/off all three.

No big deal, just thought it would be nice to consolidate both tap and double-tap within Mirror, instead of having another Rule for the same set of lights.

Wouldn't button controller be easier than Rule Machine, and just one "rule"?

You might even try the community based Advanced Button Controller (ABC) which is quite simple, clean, and easy to use.

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