Double Notification

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble with my "Door Open" notification. I get double notifications--that is, my Alexa will tell me 2x that the door is open. Could you help me limit the notifications to 1x? See my Rule Machine automation, attached. Thanks all.

It could be the trigger. My GDO goes from Opening to Open each being a change. Maybe just set trigger to Open.

You might also look at the notification app it can do that for you.

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I had the same problem with my garage door this week. I went into the device (contact sensor) and under Preferences there was a suppress duplicate contact events slider. I turned that on and only one Notification per event after that. Might be something easy like that for you to.


I agree if the sensor is being used as a tilt sensor and uses the accelerometer. But the private Boolean gets cleared to prevent the if logic from being true. If both triggers came in back to back then they could both evaluate true before the private gets cleared, but in this case there should be some time between opening and opened.

Question. Does the notification happen back to back? (I expect this is the case) or is the notification happening twice, one minute apart?

I have a couple rules that log twice back to back and I still need to investigate. But as suggested I expect the rule is being triggered twice back to back. This can be confirmed with a log message as the first line or turn on logging for triggers.

Changing the trigger to GDO = open or GDO = close may help

Hi. Yes, the message arrives back to back. So you think changing the trigger to “open” is best way to go?

It’s worth a try.

You will also have to have a trigger for close as well so your rule can cancel properly.

But defining the two trigger states will prevent a intermediate state triggering again.

You may also want to add a first line

Log “garage door RM triggered by %device% %value%” to help debug.

As suggested above, the sensor may be sending duplicate triggers. If that’s the case and you can’t alter the functionality it the driver, then you may need another RM that gets the original trigger then sets a virtual switch to trigger this RM. That way, even if the trigger gets set twice, the virtual switch will only be turned on once.

With your else statement I am not sure you would need the close trigger. Opening would run through the else but I don't think would be an issue.

Although looking back at your IF statement it should only run it when the door is open not when opening. So not sure the trigger thing is the issue.

Ah, you are smarter than all of us. Lol.

So the device must be throwing a couple notifications.

So I should try what toddtempco suggested. Go to the sensor (device) and suppress duplicates, right?

I don’t have this option is any of the sensors that I have, so I don’t know if you will have it either.

And again we are not even certain yet that this is what is actually happening. Adding the logging would be my next recommendation.