Door Sensor does all other actions but Notify on Chromecast / Nest Hub

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I'll try to explain.

  1. I have a NUE Door Sensor
  2. I have tried Basic Rules where if the Door sensor is OPEN for 1 minute my IKEA TRADFRI globes change color to RED & when Door sensor is CLOSED it turns back to GREEN color.
  3. I have tried turning Room lights ON when the Door sensor is open & it works too.
  4. I have also tried Notifications App where If the Door Sensor is OPEN it sends message to my Hubitat app on my Phone.

What I am unable to achieve is to use the Notifications App where if the Door Sensor is OPEN it sends AUDIO message to my Google Mini / Google Nest Hub. I have enabled the logs & checked them. They show successful audio sent to Mini / Google Nest HUB but I can't hear or see an attempt made on either.

Any help will be appreciated.

Are you able to have Google Mini speak when you enter text directly in the driver?

:slight_smile: Dumb question
How can you do that?

On the Device Edit page you can use the speak command:

Mine didn't work straight away, I seem to still have issues with mine maintaining a connection consistently.

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I tried inputting and it took a while to connect & speak what i put in for the Nest Hub. Is it because it does not have a static IP or because it is far from the Hub. Also can it be cause the Hubitat hub is not Polling for searching Google devices every xx minutes?

In my case I think it's the latter

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It does seem a bit random though, I just used the speaker again for the first time since my post a few days ago and it worked straight away....

Might need someone that uses these more than me to help out... Or HE staff....

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Its weird, since i posted this issue and as suggested once i used & tested the Speak from drivers of the device, It has started working fine. I think it just need a bit of awakening, untill again it falls off the grid.

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