Door open notification rule time not working

I posted this in another thread but never received a reply. This rule worked for me but didn't work having all the doors under one rule. I copied this rule for each door. For every door, the time I set is never followed. It's random like 1,2,3, 5 minutes. How can I get it to follow the 10minutes time I put? My rule is below. The only difference between doors are the door name and times. It is made on rm 4.0

IF (Garage Entry Door open FALSE) Repeat every 0:10:00
Notify Jelyn Phone, Steven Phone and Speak on Living Room speaker: '%device% has been open since %time%' --> delayed: 0:10:01 (cancelable)
Cancel Delayed Actions

You need an ELSE before Cancel but you also need to have your repeat be stoppable and have a stop repeat actions before your cancel delayed actions.

Also, why is your message delay 10:01? You want to have that within the window of the repeat. Otherwise it won't work right.

Would you be able to help me with a modification rule? I copied this rule from another thread. It used to work perfect then the last 2 updates caused the time get all screwed up.

How else would you like me to help you? I told you exactly what you have to do.

Here is the post I copied the rule from.

Do you have a link to that thread rather than a screenshot? It looks like a lot of people replied to it.

Having a repeat in a simplified conditional action makes no sense to me. How would you ever get the announcement to go off, it's going to repeat before the announcement is played, since it is delayed by 10:01. Sorry, can't help you with that.

Would doing what you mentioned earlier fix my issue? I'm just looking to have a rule that tells me I left a door open after x minutes and to repeat if still open every x minutes.

Sorry I just saw this I have the rule working perfect I am at work right now but will post it asap. I will announce the door that is open when it was opened and for how long it is open for. It will then repeat until the door is closed. It all works perfect. And you have to build one for each contact you cannot put all in 1 rule.

I would appreciate that. I would make the rule for each contact. I saw that Notifier Plus app can do what I want as well but prefer the rule because I like the announcement to say what time the door has been open since.

Here you go, this is what works for me.


Thanks. It is working for me as well. What does the changes actually do? I'm confused by the use of the local variable.

This was confusing to me at first, but there are two things that make this work:

  1. If the beginning of a repeat is behind a simple conditional (as it is here), the repeat will end if that conditional is false--so here that would happen when the door is closed (see, for example, this suggestion from Bruce: Too much of a Novice to understand)
  2. The delay on speak/notify action is intentionally longer than the repeat. Starting the repeat over does not cancel the delay. You will still get it basically 10 minutes after the door has stayed open--technically 10 minutes and 1 second the first time. That extra second is so that if the simple conditional on the repeat becomes false, it will have time to skip to the next action, the Cancel Delayed Actions, and then you won't get notified.

This is also what makes the rule in the post just above this work. It also means the rule as written in the original post should work, too. I suspect something wasn't quite set right, so I'd suggest the OP share a screenshot if they still need help. Otherwise, I'm glad something is working, and hopefully this explanation is helpful to anyone who had the same "why..." reaction as I did.

The local variable is what does the count. To be honest I am a novice at this, I got a lot of help to make it work and cannot explain why it does. But if you follow my example exactly you will be happy with the results.

Now again it's not working. I'm not sure if it's because of the update. Is it still working for you? My problem is it the same where it's not following the time correctly.

Works for me, but I have not updated recently. So it could be the update, but I am not able to answer the question, unfortunately.

Now it's working again. So I don't know what's going on.

Mesh issues? Is it possible you have devices dropping off the network due to bad repeaters (ex: Zibgee bulbs)?

I'm thinking it's from updates.