Door open notification - help please

Can't seem to get this very simple rule to work right

If contact is open anytime between Sunset and Sunrise, send notification, repeat every few mins, stop when contact is closed. In this case I am using the V-Contact as the trigger.

Current this rule gets me 1 notification and didn't subscribe to any repeats


What am I missing?

Maybe someone will catch something I'm missing, but I don't see anything wrong with the way this is set up, at least as it pertains to your lack of repeat. If anything, I think a lack of stopping would be a problem: your trigger is only "open," so nothing will happen when the door gets closed because no trigger will match and the ELSE section that I assume you intend to run in this case will not get a chance to do so (at least not until sunrise if you happen to open the door again).

To avoid that, I'd use this structure from the Rule Machine repeated notification thread I often refer people to:

Trigger Event:  sensor(s) opened
   REPEAT every 0:01:00 (stopable)
      IF (sensor closed OR time between sunrise and sunset) THEN
         Stop Repeating Actions
         Notify devices "Door open and whatnot"

Still, this doesn't explain your original problem. If I had to guess, maybe you went to view the rule during the delay between the repeats (not a literal RM delay, so "delay" in the lay sense) and clicked "Done" when you were finished? That or "Update Rule" would cancel any scheduled jobs like the next execution of this repeat; the workaround is just to close the rule or navigate away instead (as long as you are not in the middle of editing an action and are just viewing your completed actions and triggers on the "main" rule page). In any case, something like the above would get you closer to what you want.

I'd recommend using the Notifications App instead of RM for this

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Or the Device Status Announcer app, very nice app.

notification app stopped working for me for door left open any suggenstions already deleted and recreated rule.. can do rule machine.. want notification for door left open for 20 minutes. but would have to do 6 separate rules for 6 doors. what a pain


  • Device Status Announcer app
  • Check Open Contacts app

What do you mean that the Notification app stopped working? I've been using it for months w/out issues, to warn me when doors open, when they are open X minutes, etc. What happened w/it for you?

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