Door lock suggestions


Looking to get door locks for my exterior doors (need 3x). Any suggestions? Should they all be the same make/model (one is for the front door, so presentation a bit of a concern, another is into the house from the connected garage, where presentation not so important, third is the back door). Can purchase and install full sets (rather than retrofitting like the August). Thanks.

Would be nice to have ability:

  • to give guests a one-time code,
  • be able to unlock remotely (I have set up dynamic routing to my HE so I can access from out of my LAN)
  • know when a code is entered (specific code, not just that the door was unlocked)
  • some type of geofence, or automatic unlock if cell phone close,
  • if the garage's car door is opened, the door into the house can automatically unlock (I have one MyQ opener and one MyQ add on -- but I could change these to some other add on if need be).


Item 1: Use lock code manager to setup a code that gets enabled for only a set time frame
Item 2: You can do this with a device on a dashboard
Item 3: Generic device driver reports this to the log
Item 4: This is the trickyone, not currently a feature of HE, you need to use third party tools: Search HE on Presence
Item 5: Simple HE Rule can do this.

EDIT: I'm using a Yale 210 Z-wave lock


Yale YRD256. Flawless performance.

All these points are possible with HE, but this one needs additional apps and/or hardware to pull off...

You need to setup the geofence part on HE yourself. Many different ways to do it. We all have our favorites and no one solution works well for all. Mine it a combination of iOS geolocation and my TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi presence detection. The combination is very reliable for us.


The above give you suggestions for how to accomplish what you want with HE. If you're looking for recommendations on specific locks, here it's mostly a matter of personal preference--as long as the lock is supported by HE (and thus able to communicate with the hub), HE will take care of most of the above. For example, the Lock Code Manager app can create codes for specific users, including one you can set up on one or all locks for a guest (time restrictions included; this works by the hub sending commands to the lock to add/remove codes and so should work with any lock that can communicate with the hub to set codes, as any should).

There are a few specific lock recommendations above, including two different Yale models. Personally, I'm using a Schlage Connect BE468, the Z-Wave Plus variety. I've only had it for a week or so but it's been working well so far. I'm thinking about getting one for my other doors, too. They just released a ZigBee model too if you prefer that protocol. (Note that for Z-Wave, you may need to be either very close to the hub for at least initial pairing, and if it's not close to the hub for regular use you will probably want a Z-Wave repeater nearby that supports "beaming"--check the certification sheet for your repeating devices to see if they do). You may wish to browse the selection of locks available to see if any look good to you; most Z-Wave and ZigBee locks should work (and support could probably easily be added for any that happen to not), but I'd suggest avoiding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi locks that are not likely to be usable with Hubitat.


I only use ZWave locks - my personal preference as I have a very stable zwave mesh due to a LOT of repeating capable zwave devices. I have enough Zigbee now that I could probably go that way too, but I digress.

I have used Schlage 46x for many years, they work well.

Last house I bought I put in two Kwikset 910 and a 916. The 916 sucks - don't buy it, the touchscreen is HORRIBLE. The 910 is great though (and battery lasts longer than my Schlage locks). I love Kwikset's built-in re-keying ability.


I have three Kwikset 916 locks; other than the typical "get close to the lock to pair", they have worked flawlessly, no issues with the touchscreen.


Good deal! You are lucky, though.

There are many threads out there of people that have issues with the touchscreen on the 916. Mainly dead/missing touches.

On mine sometimes the number will get pressed right away, sometimes you have to palm touch it to wake the screen up, sometimes even after awake it will miss presses, etc. Just awful.

I threw one in the trash and replaced it with a 910. The other 916 I kept and put in a place where I only lock/unlock programmatically so the touchscreen is out of play.


I'm using the 910. I'm not happy with them.
Looking forward to the KeyWe : THE SMARTEST LOCK EVER! | Indiegogo


Each to their own. I for one won't be buying another touchscreen lock in the foreseeable future. I have had bad guest/elderly people/cleaning service experiences with all of them I've used.

I'll stick to keypads with real buttons for now.


My 910 keypad is beginning to fail after just one year. I don't think the problem is exclusive to touch screens, though I do see your point. This is a quality control problem with these manufacturers presently. Chinese factory junk.


I've had my Yale 210 since 2016 with no issues. Keypad model, behind a storm door, in Chicago.

Busy house as well, it's been unlocked 8 times today.


OK, I've edited this entire thing as I'm able to update, read and delete codes with this lock.

So it's looking like a winner so far.


Just tossing my two cents in. We have a Schlage Connect. We love it. Had all of our locks keyed to match. So one key. Rule manager lets me know whenever that door is unlocked. Alexa TTS announces that it's unlocked or locked when we're home. Put good batteries in it and they'll last a year with daily use. I checked the ratings and the Schlage rates highly. But no matter what you choose, you're really only giving visitors a legal way to enter. Anyone who shouldn't be there won't let a locked door stop them. Food for thought. Get what makes you feel safe and what looks good. If you want reliable and also looks good, get a schlage.


These appear to have the numbers printed behind the button, so the buttons are like little windows you look thru to see the numbers? That seems good.

I've always held off from implementing connected locks because of the quirkiness issues I've read about touchscreens, and how keypad locks usually have the printing applied to the surface you touch, which makes it seem like repeated contact could rub it off over time.


That would be a large disappointment.
I can get over programming the codes with their app, but not reporting code usage is a red line.

I'll have to wait and see on that, then. It's damned hard to find a good lock.


I'm working on the driver for this lock today, I'll report back with the complete findings later.
I've already told their rep that not supporting lock codes properly was pretty much a deal breaker over here, they just went mute on me after that...

edit, lock codes work fine.


I've learned my lesson with cloud and app dependent locks. Won't go there again.


As someone who backed Lockitron v2 on Kickstarter, I'd probably agree with this even if the non-app/cloud problems (like the batteries only lasting a few weeks due to power-hungry WiFi or the Lockitron itself seizing and taking my deadbolt hostage and preventing me from turning it even with a key) didn't far overshadow what I'd now consider this minor detail. They don't make this version anymore and have a "v3" (Lockitron Bolt) that replaces the entire deadbolt assembly, which I imagine works much better, but it still depends on their app (not necessarily the cloud for daily operation since it uses BTLE for that). It would be theoretically possible to integrate with Hubitat via Lockitron's cloud-based API (Lockitron Bridge needed for v3; v2 can do it with onboard WiFi), but since the poster is asking for lock advice, I'd suggest taking my advice: avoid this. :slight_smile:

Compared to what I'm used to, the Schlage Connect works like magic. I'm sure most similar products would feel like an equally significant upgrade for anyone used to what I was used to. If you value being able to set lock codes via Hubitat, a Z-Wave or ZigBee lock is undoubtedly the best bet since they work locally with Hubitat.


Is this for the KeyWe? Same Q to you @doug


I moved my 2 Kwikset 916 and 1 Kwikset 914 from ST to HE today. (I said earlier I had a 910 , I was spacing out - it is a 914)

Anyway, I did some testing, and I couldn't pair it until I was ~2 ft from the lock. It failed to pair securely at 10 ft, 5 ft, and 3 ft. I tried this on all 3 locks, same result on all 3.

That is pretty much what vendors advertise for Zwave secure pairing, so I'm not complaining. Just an interesting anecdotal data point.