Door/Lock status

Is there a way to combine the door and lock status in a single tile?

And for the lock tile, is there a way to disable being able to click it and unlock the door, for when I need a kid safe dashboard?

You could create a Virtual Lock device that is open/closed with a rule creating the lock/unlock status based on the conditions of both the door and the lock.


What would you want displayed on the tile?

An easy thing to do is to put a text tile over top of the lock tile and set the background for the text tile template to 100% clear. Then, if you don't display the 3 button menu for the dashboard, they can't move the tiles out of the way. In fact, if you make a giant text tile the size of the whole dashboard, they won't be able to click anything. :slight_smile: I used this for my HSM tile before they added Pin codes.

When stacking tiles, the one created first will always be on the bottom, no matter who moves into the spot first.

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you could also use something like supertile or Tile Master to have multiple things shown on a single tile (though it's only data and can't be clicked to lock etc.) I'm using Tile Master to show the status of all my doors and Locks on a single tile

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Thanks for the help.

I'm going the Tile Master route, as that looks great for my case as I have 5 doors to add. But the other ways mentioned will come in useful elsewhere.