Don't know if you want to call it a bug or not but

... I have my master bathroom lights on a motion sensor with a 3 min delay being controlled by the motion lighting app. They are setup to be at a different brightness depending on the time of day with the lowest being "night". I have another rule called "Good Night" that is trigged via my telling Alexa Good Night. This rule turns off the bedroom lights and the master bathroom lights and sets the mode to NIGHT with a 2 second delay. I just recently added the master bathroom lights to the rule. When the rule fires the bathroom lights are initially at the brighness for evening and are turned off when it then changes to NIGHT the master bathroom light comes back on. I'll just move the MODE higher so it goes into night before turning off but I don't think it should turn the light back on. And the bedroom lights don't come back on so that's a little weird.

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