Done with Hubitat Homekit for now

I can not thank you enough. I have learned so much from this in the context of this Rule Machine, mainly interfacing with the tool to see how it builds the If statements. I am used to something like Excel or back in the day, C++, and this just totally helps me "see" what this tool needs to work. Thank you again!!!

Good point… I never would have thought that HomeKit automation could be that fast.
In any case it would successfully complete in 30 seconds, right?

Or the hub could be under more load than usual and take more time to get to the next action (Wait) than it took for the Homekit integration to register the change in PingAck. :man_shrugging:

The wait would time out, but you are correct, since you are checking against the state of the switch right after, the result would be the same, delayed by up to 30 seconds.

Pretty fast!!

Per @hubitrep excellent suggestion, I delayed the ON by 2 seconds.


While this workaround is promising, I don’t understand why it would be needed at all and especially if you have set the HomeKit integration to reboot hourly.

It’s still a Hubitat issue that needs to be addressed.

I have to restart my hub daily to make it work.

I’m speculating that (one of) the problem is that without two (maybe one) way traffic between HE and HomeKit the connection goes stale after several hours and HE needs a reboot to reestablish the path.
Pinging every six hours appears to be enough to overcome this issue. :thinking:


You have "Notify Pushy" in your actions, may you expand on what that is? Are you sending a push notification to your phone somehow?

Checkout: Pushover | Hubitat Documentation

Thanks @TArman - I implemented your workaround on both my hubs each with their own HK automation and so far no more disconnects. I’m a super happy camper and my wife is too because she only uses HK and Alexa to control things. Although I must say the new HE mobile app might just win us both over in time. Anyway, thanks for this cool workaround hack.

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So I have been running @TArman 's ping setup for a few weeks now and it still disconnects. I have lowered my frequency from 6 hours to 3 to 1 and just now every 30 minutes. We are not people who turn lights on/off super frequently so wondering if that's the issue and hoping the new 30 minute change will cure that.

Could be unique to each setup.
I was in Jamaica for a week and relied upon alerts from Hubitat to check on the house. A few times, when I checked with Home app to see that floodlights went off after motion alerts, never saw “no response”. No one home creating activity.

Figured which is why I have been tweaking the timing over the weeks.

I have mine set at 30 minutes since that doesn't put any appreciable load on the hub. I'm 3 days in and so far so good. We also don't use HK that often so I'm thinking 30 min is a good frequency just to be sure.

I switched away from Homebridge to Hubit Native support and the behavior is no worse. Frankly, HomeKit stability is getting better, after Apple's revamped architecture release; however it is still something Steve Jobs would be very disappointed with. If something isn't working, it's sad to say, but I'd suspect an Apple bug instead of Hubitat. I missed the old days, when "things just worked" when Steve Jobs was around.

I have been using Homebridge for years, it is rock solid. Never fails me.

I wasn't criticizing Homebridge. My comment was about HomeKit.

Same stance, Homebridge + Homekit has worked flawlessly for me for years.

This describes my network configuration and recent experiences with the Hubitat HomeKit integration exactly. Interesting that I only experience the "no response" condition on my C-8 hub, but not on devices mapped to HomeKit on my C-7 hub. Both hubs are always upgraded to the most recent Hubitat platform version (currently at at the same time.

I am using Homebridge for other devices (e.g. Ring cameras and sensors), also node-red's 'node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged' to synthesize several HomeKit devices; all of these are performing flawlessly, with no interruptions. Only the C-8 mapped HomeKit devices fail.

This is interesting as I have a C8 Pro hub and had no issues with my C5.

Has anyone had these "no response" issues using a C7 or earlier hub and the native hubitat homekit integration? Or is it only us C8 (or C8-pro) users who are suffering here?

I do not have any luck rebooting my apple TVs, nor my network equipment - but rebooting the hubitat will fix it every time so far. Using the option in the HK integration to restart hourly is enabled, but I don't think it is working, as I can sit and wait 12+ hours and I still show "no response" in HK. Using the option to restart the integration manually does not work either - only a reboot of the hubitat itself will fix my issue.