Dome Siren trigger on dashboard not working

I have a Dome siren which is working well, except for one thing. I'm trying have a simple on/off switch on the dashboard for it, but when I set it up as a switch, the indications won't update. The tile does let me turn it on and off one time, but the tile indication is stuck on SENDING and never gets updated.

I noticed on the driver page that the switch status is always OFF. I'm guessing this is the problem, but I'm not sure. Anyone else seeing this?

Yup, it happened today, daughter set off HSM, I could hear the dome blaring through the wyzecam. The dashboard couldn't turn it off. Thankfully I had installed Hubconnect to my ST hub, logged into ST and turned off the dome siren.

Oh that's not good at all. I just bought one and set it up so now I have to figure out a way to turn it off via the dashboard.

Was that issue submitted as a bug yet ?

It will actually turn off as part of a rule or scene, and it seems to respond to one cycle of on/off on the dashboard. It just shows sending and doesn't respond after that. It works but I just can't manually flip it on and off at will. Maybe if I create a rule or something, but I haven't tried that.

I have a few items submitted but I haven't received any responses other than the automated ones thus far.

This bug will be fixed in the next release (2.1.0)


Whenever I have a false alarm, I find it difficult to get the Dome Siren DMS01 to shut up. Cancelling the alarm from HSM didn't do it, turning it off from dashboard switch tile doesn't. Going to the device page and issuing "Off" and "Stop" doesn't do it either.

FWIW, I'm running, but the Dome Siren has been doing this every time I've had an alarm scenario since I got it. The device page shows status of "alarm" (I think that was it .. don't want to force a repro at the moment) even after I sent Off and Stop many times. It's like the device is not accepting any new commands during the time it is sounding the alarm and making my spouse angry.

When the wife isn't around, enable debug logging in the settings, open logging, click the both button to trigger the alarm, wait a few seconds after it turns on, and then click the off button.

If it didn't turn off wait about 10 seconds and try the off button again.

Post the device's logging messages once they stop.

Results are inconclusive. On many occasions, when I click Both, nothing happens. Less often, Both causes status to change to alarm, and siren on. But then clicking Off does nothing (and clicking Stop does nothing) - the current states show alarm/on and the device is making noise. No events are logged. But then eventually .. maybe 10-15 seconds later, it finally does stop, and current states and noise are as expected. I will include a screenshot of one of the tests below. In this test, Both did activate noise, but after a few seconds, I clicked Off at 1-2 second intervals for about 15 seconds before it shut up. When it did shut up, states updated and events were immediately logged.

It seems to me that there is virtually no real time control. Even the current states sometimes don't match what the device is doing. Perhaps I'm using the DMS01 incorrectly, as I am simply looking for a noisemaker. Thus the only states that make sense to me are On/Off. I don't grasp the concept of why there even exists a status of alarm or not.

You need to enable debug logging before testing because it automatically turns off after 30 minutes.

Sorry about that. This shows two tests. In the first test, Off did silence it within a second. In the second test, Off was issued twice. It took 17 seconds after the first off, and 5 seconds from the second off to silence the alarm.

Any thoughts on this?

Is it just as bad if you move the Siren near the hub?

Yes. In its original location, it is just on the other side of a wall from the hub, and probably 10 Z-Wave+ switches within a 15' radius circle encompassing both. For full disclosure, the testing was further from the hub, but the experience trying to shut it off was the identical behaviour.