Dome Contact Sensor Eating Batteries

Hello all, I have a Dome Contact sensor that is eating through batteries at an alarming rate (1 battery per 2 months). They used to last for the year at least. Can't say that much has changed on my mesh.

What should I do to diagnose the issue?

I had the same happen last year with a Dome water sensor. What I did was remove it from my Z-Wave network and re-included it from the location it was to be sensing the water. All I can think of is my move from C4 to the C7 it got lonely and was polling it's peers way too often. I only had two rules that used the device so updating the rules wasn't too bad.

My other two Dome sensors (door and water) haven't experienced this at all.

I'll try doing that and see if that works (it will take about a month to tell).

FWIW, some sensors (individual devices within a single mfr/model) just seem to do this. I have several Homeseer brand z-wave door/window sensors in two different buildings, all the same model and purchased at the same time. ONE of them eats batteries like crazy, and it's only about 5' away from another, identical sensor on a different door, and perhaps 8' from an Aeotec repeater.

The only solution I've found for these situations is to just replace the individual sensor. You can also try swapping it with one that doesn't display the problem ("trade places") although that will likely require an exclude and include process to help ensure proper routing.

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