Dog Sitter Leaves Automation

So I travel a bit and have a dog sitter some by sometimes to walk the dog. I have an automation using IFTTT and August lock to disarm HSM and place the house into Dog Sitter Mode when the sitter arrives.

I am stumped on how I can accomplish the second part of this which would be to re-arm the HSM when the dog sitter leaves.

I don't think it can be done when my door locks because my door automatically locks after 3 minutes. Any ideas?

Give the dog sitter an ST presence fob..
Or train him/her to press a button before leaving.


I do something similar for when we are out of town and neighbors come in to feed our cat.

When the neighbors enter their code in our schlage lock, it disarms HSM, turns on the smart plug that the garage door opener is plugged into for 1hr (in case they are also taking out our garbage as the smart plug turns off to prevent the garage door from being opened when we are away).

I just have the front door lock, HSM arm and garage door smart plug turn back off at 1 hr as there is no way they would be in the house any longer than that.

Come to think of it though, I should probably add in a cancel if they were to leave and come back in within an hour and possibly delay that 1hr countdown as long as motion is still sensed in the house by motion sensors.

Reserve an IP address for their phone and then detect their presence using that when they connect to your free WiFi :smile:

That would be glorious. How? I hands an EERO router.