Does wired-in Lutron dimmer work at the wall if the Lutron bridge is down?

I bought the Lutron Pro bridge kit, and it comes with a wired-in dimmer. Before I get hubby to remove an existing z-wave dimmer and put in the Lutron dimmer, I would like to make sure that the Lutron dimmer will work at the wall even if the bridge is down. Seems like on/off would be fine, but not sure about dim.

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Yes. All features of the switch work without the bridge. On/Off/Dim from the main switch all work.


Yup, sure does.

With the Hubitat integration, everything (automations and manual control) will work if the hub and the Lutron bridge have power. No internet is required. You would not be able to do that without Hubitat, if you only owned the Lutron Bridge, because they require internet access for their app to connect to the bridge. :grin:

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