Does this rule work, or is there a more simple way? Should I use the Motion Lighting App?

Basically - I have 3 motion sensors in the kitchen.

When there is motion I want lights on - but what lights and how bright depends on the Mode.
15 minute delay before assessing if no motion on ALL sensors, and then turning lights off.
Motion should re-start the 15 minute wait period (I think I missed this in my rule)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would use Motion Lighting for this. And also a motion zone that aggregates motion from these three sensors.

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  1. Could you please elaborate on how this is done?
  2. Also - in Motion Lighting, is there a place that expressly explains all of the options. I end up reading each option over and over to make sure I'm picking the right things, makes me feel like an idiot.

Zone Motion Controller built-in

Two places:
(1) the “?” in the upper right corner of the Motion Lighting app page, and
(2) in the full documentation


How do these look?

I had to (at least I think I had to) create two rules because I want the different switches doing different things depending on the mode (Kitchen overhead lights during day and evening, and only the under cabinet lights at night).

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