Does this mean a Hubitat integration CAN be made, if someone wanted?

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They also allow these buttons by app. I’m assuming there’s a way to “get into” the app and see what 2.4 “signal” they are sending?

BR would have to have an open API 1st. The fact that it's wifi would likely me a cloud app as well. If they have an open API for that, then yes, it could be automated. If not then no


If you have a SleepNumber bed with their adjustable frame, then there is an existing integration that works really well.

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Didn't realize there was even that... neato

Yup - and it work really well. Kudos & thanks to @rvrolyk

They do have an ap, not sure if it’s open though

The quesiton was about whether their linking with a Bond bridge and the fact that there is a Bond integration app developed by @dman2306 would therefore support this. I.e. there would (in theory), be no need to call out to a specific API, Bond have already handled that bit.

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They answered it’s 2.4 so bond won’t work

Ah, ok.

Do you know if it is WiFi or BT? They're both 2.4 GHz. The SleepNumber beds/frames support both. I'm asking because if it is WiFi, then someone can possibly reverse engineer the app and get it working with HE. If it is only BT, it would be much more difficult.

Oh, I’m assuming wifi because I can also control it by app as long as I’m on wifi?

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You can use Postman to run a proxy and sniff out (intercept) the http calls being made. I think I have done this successfully before...

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I'd have to open a packet sniffer and see what I could pull from that device. I'd have to imagine with enough elbow grease and time, it could be made to work. Probably less than trivial, though...

Personally, I just use my WiThings sleep pad for presence ... works great :slight_smile:


Me too. It wouldn’t be for presence. More to help myself and others. That remote is $50 and somewhat easy to lose. A pico would be nice. Also some automations for wake up

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Ahhh, sorry --- I misinterpreted this. I like the idea of being able to lift up the top of the bed like a catapult to launch yourself into your day :joy: Let me take a look at BeautyRest's info and see if there's anything I can learn...


Can you use the ErgoMotion app with this? Which app are you using, exactly? Second, does the app require you to connect to a bluetooth module, or does it have a wifi connection, now, where you could even adjust it remotely if you wanted to? I've found an API that can run on a raspberry pi or something and connect to a bluetooth module to control the bed, but obviously that's an extra step. Could probably write a REST gateway pretty easily to get that to talk to HE, if that's the case.

Turns out that Ergomotion is the developer of pretty much all these smart bed apps from what I can see lol. Illusion of choice...

In case I get hit by a bus or get injured trying to jump over 24 buses on a motorcycle, here's that API:

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What should I do , sorry, I’m confused… and thank you

No worries :slight_smile: I just need to know how your phone connects to the bed. If you have to have it connected to a Bluetooth device on the bed, or if you did a WiFi setup of some kind.