Does the HE go to sleep?

I feel that lately, after, I've been seeing some discomforting issues with the HE.
Immediately after applying that fw, I kept getting 500 errors on various pages. so I shut it down and restarted it, a couple of times, and it seems to have fixed the 500.
However, it is reacting slower than before, much slower.
My main example is when I open/close a contact sensor, I play a sound on the sonos, one sound for open, one sound for close.
If the HE is sitting without having to process events for as little as 15 minutes, then when I trip a sensor, it seems to wait about 3-5 seconds before it sends the sound to the sonos.
After that awakening period, it seems to get faster, about 1-2 seconds. I do remember it being just about instantaneous in the past.

I've tested the sonos using the sonos app, and it is behaving normally, my router is all green and there is almost no latency in the traffic from the HE to the router. I'm only working with the tools linksys provides to get insight. The NAS is likewise in the green and used very lightly, all the network is Giga.
I don't have that many RM rules enabled, I have one sensor in HSE, I'm still testing, and about a handful of rules to monitor the garage door and the front door.

Any advice on where to look for what is causing this slowdown?


Probably the best route to go is to get in touch with support. They will point you to the right direction

Screenshots of logs? Turn on all logging options, open the contact sensor, and capture the logs.

Thanks guys. Have to leave this until Monday.