Does someone knows if touchwand is supported

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Looks like nice one.
It has relays and scenarios. have someone facilitated it fully?

Just from a brief look around their website, this appears to be another hub with z-wave and LAN/cloud connectivity.

What kind of support did you have in mind?

Connecting their (re?)branded z-wave devices to your hubitat hub? That would probably require less work than getting their WiFi devices or hub/cloud to integrate with Hubitat, if thatโ€™s what you meant.

Using the relays will work probably, but i wonder regarding the scenarios.

Iโ€™m not sure what scenarios are. Sounds like what they call their rules/automation logic?

Can you describe in more detail what youโ€™re trying to accomplish by integrating this other hub ecosystem with hubitat?

It support button that activate rules.
so for example if you swipe on a button - it does something like turn all light off.
this is the product itself.

While the panel would likely pair with HE, it would probably require a specific driver to add the functionality as described on the website. If it just presented itself as a button or scene controller it might work as is but that would only be apparent once it was tried with HE.

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That wall panel interface looks really cool...have you tried it with Hubitat yet?

yep, I wrote something for it, (Very similar to Fibaro 223 - just with 6 children)
It was working fine for several days, but now my HE is not working well, (See in another post) maybe it is connected?...wondering.

Maybe try to disable (don't delete) your driver/app?

The device is fine, The problem was something else.

Anyway I have a driver I wrote, but since I have got no support from the company, It is very simple and with very little parameters.
In addition I'm not supporting yet the scenes. plan to do it in the future.

but yet it is very nice device

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