Does Sharptools allow remote device control?

I made the switch from ST to HE but so far have decided to leave my August lock on the ST hub. This is because I use Sharptools to toggle the lock on/off as I'm leaving/arriving home.

If I were to bring the August lock over to HE, would I still be able to use Sharptools to do the same thing?

Yes, that should work fine in sharptools. @josh can correct me if wrong, but in pretty sure I've manipulated my locks from there before.

I don't remember for sure as I mainly use presence status to lock/unlock, not manual actions.

Edit: I just tried it, it works fine with my Yale locks. I don't have an August lock to test it against, but don't see why it wouldn't work as well.

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Thanks for tagging me, @JasonJoel

@Harry_Coolahan are you referring to dashboards / Rule Engine or the SharpTools Tasker plugins?

PS. I responded to your post in the community as well. :smiley:

Hi Josh, sorry, I should have specified. I'm referring to the Tasker plugins. I see in your other post that this isn't supported for Hubitat yet, so I guess I'll continue using ST for the lock until then.

Thanks for the replies!

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I'm using Hubconnect server for hubitat. Allows all HE devices to show in ST mobile app with remote control and realtime status updates.

Ah, that's a different matter from the dashboard... Sorry about that, I was assuming you meant from the dashboard.

I don't use the Tasker plugin, and didn't on ST either, so can't comment there.

Sorry to revive an old thread but, has there been any progress with support for the tasker plugin?

I like to turn on a virtual switch when I place my phone on the wireless charger

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I asked about the tasker plug in on the sharptools forum not too long ago. Response is its on the list but no priority as they want to work on the dashboard.

Pretty much the same response from a year or two prior.

Yiu can accomplish what you want though with maker api and basic tasker http requests.


What @cwwilson08 said. We've had a lot of community interest in the dashboards and Rule Engine so that's where we've been putting our focus.

The Hubitat Maker API can be used with Tasker to control your Hubitat devices.

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That's what I was going to say. Maker API can be used with Tasker TODAY. No need to wait.

If you're savvy enough to use Tasker, you can certainly figure out Maker API too.

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