Does Logging Affect Hub Performance?

Recently I've started noticing degraded hub performance at seeming random times. For example, shortly after initiating my "Leaving Home" sequence of automations, the hub completely froze up. I'm still looking into what might have caused that but while looking through the logs, I got to thinking about the level of logging that I have now. To assist with debugging different things when I first started setting them up, particularly Rule Machine Rules, I had logging enabled for everything. And it proved quite helpful in determining what I had done wrong in setting them up. But now that I have many of those rules debugged to where they are working how I want them I am wondering if I should go back in and turn logging off to save processing capacity. I'm wondering if that could be the source of some of the slow-downs i've also experienced (2-3 minute delays from button press to action occurruing) at random times as well. I know that logging anything adds to the workload for the system but I don't know enough about the architecture behind how the system works to know if it's significant enough to be worth my effort to go in and turn it off for established rules. And, in the long run, will it actually prevent me from finding out if there is a true problem with some type of interactions between different rules if it is turned off? As my system has started to grow (>150 rules now) I'm wondering if the cumulative affect of the logging might actually be hurting me.

I'm curious what others have experienced. Do you have logging enabled for everything or just "new" things you're working on?

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Logging is not likely to impose much of a load on your system.

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Thanks Bruce. Didn't think so but better safe than sorry.