Does hubitat support a/v and cameras?

Didnt want to make a long title, but will hubitat or developers keep making better support for a/v and is there any support for cameras if not is there anything in the works? Seems like hubitat has most bases covered but these 2 things round up most peoples needs.

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There is some for A/V both built in and Community based. Same for cameras... What specifically are you looking for. Have you looked in Hubitat Package Manager?


I have harmony app installed but its kinda limited and not sure how far support will go for this. Im branching out since for most part I have devices all set up and am working on dashboards wanted to see how far the arm of hubitat can go. I have several cams inside and out side of house a bit overkill for such a safe neighborhood but its those moments we think were safe and catch something not right. Id like to have that part of my dashboard vs using several apps. Click on cams and see whole house I use reolink and I believe netview for cams. Im trying with help of community to create a perfect dashboard where everything is one and a push of a button. Av wise to get harmony/alexa to turn on bedroom tv, use volume, change channels. Simple stuff. Nothing complex yet as turn on tv and dim lights, Im a bit away from that as Im happy to now do basics

For Cameras you may want to look at Camect. It has direct Hubitat integration. (Is actually made by one the users here..) Can use any ip camera...

The current Harmony integration is all that is available. I don't think Hubitat is going to put any work into a dead product at this point... My Harmony elite died, but fortunately I have a Roku TV so can use @augoisms Roku driver which has a shite ton of triggers... Mainly mine is set up so that after 6:00pm any time a channel is changed the lights go to a specific scene setting. If it sits on the main menu for more than 2 mins the lights come back on full. And the shutdown house button on each night stand includes turning the tv off at night (incase it gets left on)

As for dashboards, I use them very little... I have a weather one and one for my ip cams to glance at and one with just my locks and thermostats on it. Beyond that I rely on automations because I'm not interested in remote control. The more hands off the better. :slight_smile:

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