Does Hub Protect subscription migrate to the new hub?

I'm getting close to needing to migrate my C5 to my C7. If I buy the Hub Protect subscription to enable the migration to my new operational hub, does the subscription migrate to the C7 as well? Or does it stay with the C5?

It would make sense to be the former. If not, then I'm basically paying a one time fee of $30 to migrate the hub and get a warranty on a device I no longer use. Is that the real case?

Not automatically, but I believe you can transfer a hub protect subscription from one hub to another (i.e. it can only be active for one hub at a time).

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Work with @bobbyD from Hubitat Support to see what is possible. He’ll know exactly what options are available and the best way to hopefully achieve your goals.


Hopefully he or someone else from Support will see this and respond.

For now please enroll the C7 in Hub Protect, then send me a private message with your C5 MAC address and will temporarily enable the cloud backup so you can restore on C7. That way, your C7 will continue to be protected.


@bobbyD - I completed the subscription and sent you a private message as requested. Shouldn't I be seeing a subscription for my C5 hub so I can to the migration?

You should, but I didn't get a chance to sort out your account. Doing it now. Please reboot your C-5 hub in about 10 min or later to activate the service on your C5.

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