Does dimmer module work with a dumb light switch


Can anyone help me with this please? Does anyone know if I wire up a zigbee dimmer module to a dumb (ie two way ordinary light switch) switch that would allow me to dim the light via Hubitat? And at the same time I can switch the light just on and off with the ordinary switch ??


I suspect you need a retractive switch. Not a 2way.

Don't know of zigbee but there are a few z-wave like the quibno, depending on load i would swap out the switch for a aone dimmer wich are zigbee

I'm using two methods. One is to use a Nue dimmer in the canopy of two ceiling fans to control the lights. The switch stays on and I use a "smart switch" which is really a button controller for the lights. The fan just runs constantly. I did not have to have a 3rd wire this way.

NUE Smart ZigBee Light Dimmer

I team this with an AduroSmart ERIA Smart Dimmer Switch. However, it now appears to only be available as a kit with a bulb which I would not want. I think any multi-button Zigbee controller button should work. Even a Z-Wave Plus button would work since there is no physical connection. Both will talk to the hub and relay commands to the dimmer.

Thank you for all your responses. The issue is that I want to use the existing designer two way switch. Majority of the time I just need to turn it on and off and I don't need to dim the light . But there are times I might want to dim it and I was think of using a dimmer module.

If you want to just use the existing switch, then there is no need to automate it. You would be better off with a hard-wired dimmer switch, even if it meant changing the designer switch. Automations are one reason I installed these dimmers plus an additional GE/Jasco dimmer and a GE/Jasco switch.