Does Button Controller support more than 5 buttons?

Just got a Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube and am using the Hubitat device handler from @veeceeoh. For now I am announcing what was done with the cube, using Button Controller, but I am only able to add 5 buttons. The device handler reports 7 different button presses.

Is there a 5 button limit in Button Controller? If so, I would like to request that Button Controller support more than 5 buttons.

If it is not a Button Controller limitation, how do I need to change the device handler so Button Controller will allow me to set actions for all 7 buttons?

For anyone that might be interested, if you like gadgets then the Magic Cube is pretty nifty :grinning:. I bought one through eBay for $20 but a couple of days ago bought 2 for the same price from GearBest.

Also experiencing a problem with Button Controller and TTS...I have it say "Magic Cube One shaken" on button 1 press, but what it says is "Magic Cube 1 button null null"

Currently BC does not support more than 5 buttons.
It's in the works for a UI re-write, no ETA, though it's a work in progress.

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You can give ABC a shot. It is built differently from the built in BC app with no limitation to button number. It will detect the number of buttons your device has (if the driver declares it) and let you configure each button. If the driver does not declare the # of buttons you can specify in the advanced options.


Note that the driver I started porting for the Xiaomi Cube is unfinished, and not working 100%.

I was trying to work on it, but then summer happened. :sunglasses:

I fixed one problem I ran into, but otherwise it seems good...I am only using the 7 buttons though.

With the latest release, Button Controller now supports 7 buttons. It also supports all of the button events: pushed, held, released, and doubleTapped. See this post: Button Controller Version 1.5


Awesome that Button Controller supports 7 buttons! :grinning:

But it still says the wrong string for TTS...see above post. I tell it to say "Magic Cube One shaken" and it says "Magic Cube 1 button null null".

After some more testing, no matter what phrase I put in Button Controller, it always says "Magic Cube 1 button null null".

Yep, there's a bug. Will get that fixed ASAP.

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This was fixed in latest release. Should re-open the button controller and hit Done.

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Yup it is working...thanks for the quick turnaround! Now my other two Magic Cubes have arrived and I'm really ready to play!

I did run into some weird behavior on buttons 6 and 7. It appears that they are properly saved, but when on the page where you set the message and destination, when you click done you get sent back to the page for buttons 4 and 5. I just went ahead and clicked Done and looks like what I set was saved and the proper messages do play. I can recreate this when I edit buttons 6 and 7 also.

Ah, yes, can see the bug for that. Next release...


Just started my transfer from ST. Noticed that the button controller only supports 7 total buttons. My Remotec ZRC-90US has eight buttons (supported by the driver). Any chance of getting an update?

Use @stephack ‘s ABC instead. I forget the limit on his Advanced button controller app, but he has the same remote so I know it’s supported.

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No limit. It uses whatever your device declares.

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We will update it to 8 buttons for the next release. The limit is on how many buttons can be setup in one instance of the app, not how many buttons the device may have.

Button controller now supports 8 buttons.

Thanks! Just tested it, works perfectly

Hi @bravenel what are the chances of getting this extended again. I have a button device with 20+ buttons. Would be nice to program all with one instance.

Here is the device. It has been working great on hubitat.

Fibaro 6 button keyfob

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