Does anyone use the multiple tap feature of Inovelli Switches?


So, I'm using the latest driver for my Inovelli NZW30 switch.
It shows on the Devices page (and events) that I've made a double tap up.
In my Apps page, I've got the "Button Controllers", set up with that switch. However, it just doesn't fire:

Any ideas? Am I supposed to be doing something in the Devices page for two taps up?


What driver are you using for the switch? I believe double tap up is supposed to be button 1 pushed also.


I am using the driver that was posted by Inovelli, (@ericm) and this is the screen shot from that device:

As you can see from the far right, the last event was a Double Tap Up, but it didn't trigger the Button Controller.


Did you try changing it to button 1 like I said? See where it says pushed? It lists button 1 as the last button pushed. Your button app has 2.


No, But Someday I plan to :wink:


Do not use Button 1, that is reserved. You need to uncheck the "use held" option. that is for the bottom paddle.



Thanks very much for all your help!


Button 2 Pushed is double tap UP


Why does this say 1?



No Idea, I'm just going by the directions provided by inovelli in the link I pasted above. As far as i know "button 1" is reserved for single presses.

Step #2: Configure Your Buttons

  • Only use buttons 2-6 ( DO NOT use Button #1)



I seem to have great difficulty in getting the switch to recognize a double tap up.
Is that the case with your switch(es) as well?


Mine have been problem free as far as double taps go.

Did you read that help article I posted?

Post a screenshot of the button controller page again if it has changed from above


If you disable the relay function of your Inovelli switch (8x tap up), you can use Button Controller to program functions for single tap up and down for your switch. Works well for smart bulbs that should be kept always on.