Does anyone make a 700 series in wall zwave outlet?

I'm trying to expand my network with only 700 series devices when I can. Right now I need an in wall outlet to plug a lamp into that sits on a dresser. The plug is behind the dresser, so I have very little space, so it needs to be in wall and not a plug. If I can't find a 700 series plug I guess I'll just go with 500 series.

Take a peek here, it will list all certified devices:

Advanced search, "Zwave Plus Version2 Only" (this will yield 700 series devices only), then click "Search".

If you aren't in the US, then you would need to select a different region. The link above if for US. Oh, and just because they have passed certification doesn't mean you will actually be able to find them in a store to buy (but you technically should be able to eventually)...

Looks like SquareD and Leviton both make one. Have never seen either for sale in an online store though (yet).

EDIT: Looks like you can buy the Leviton one at their store, and maybe some retailers. ZW15R-1BW, $52/ea on Leviton's store.

$40 @ Amazon

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I have the Leviton ZW15R-1BW. It has the 700 series chip, and works well.


Thanks! That Leviton sounds perfect. I somehow didn't find that one when searching.

Of course the wi-fi version of these exact same plugs is on sale for Prime Day and the zwave version is not...

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