Does Anyone Have and Example Smart Plug / Charging Rule?

I have setup Tasker on my tablet to send the battery level to a virtual battery sensor device on my HE hub. I have just setup a Kasa smart plug with Energy Monitoring and plugged in the charger for the tablet.

Does anyone have an example rule for turning the smart plug on when the battery reaches X (say 25%) and then turns the smart plug off when the battery reaches Y (say 80%)? I can come up with something myself, but I always am a bit unsure about making sure the rule only fires when it needs to and not too many times, etc.

One thing I need to consider is that I may not always have the tablet plugged into the smart plug when it reports the lower battery reading....


I was thinking about doing something similar earlier today, but have no clue how to set it up, with Taker, nor the required rule. Any suggestions?

Are you after the steps for setting up the Tasker side of things? If so I captured the steps on the thread for my Virtual Battery Sensor driver.

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Thanks I'll give it a try!

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I thought a lot of USB chargers take care of this sort of thing themselves?

I have heard they are supposed to, but my Samsung manual specifically says to remove power over 90%. Plus I have an outlet looking for something to do!


I can't say I'm particularly well read on this myself, more bits and pieces you pick up along the way. I know some battery chargers will take things slow in the early and late periods of charging, and potentially some of the newer devices may be able to control that themselves. I thought I could drive it myself, but mostly because I can... :slight_smile: