Does a call to pauseexecution cause the state variable to be commited

Curious if anyone can confirm if a call to pause execution causes the state variable to be written to the database or does it wait until the full return?

Thank you!

No idea but you could set up a test if you wanted. Every press of the command on the device edit page spins up a new device. If you modify the code to change state and then pause execution for a reallllllllly long time. Then modify the driver to print out state on that command or another one you could find if the value was written (or the previous value if you're updating).

I have no idea what pauseexecution you're referring to though.

It does not.

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Thank you for the quick help. Then in the case of an app/driver combo if I have an app running code that calls a driver function just before returning the state would get written as the app code finishes regardless of the driver code still running right? The app would call the driver function in a nonblocking way since we can't pass return values across that line and would just go to its return while the driver does its work right?