Documentation - where to comment/correct/report etc


Was going through the 'truth' changes in the Rules 4.0 docs and as of 11:00 PT 13JUL2019, the section 'What became of Rule Truth and Cancel on Truth Change?' is missing the 2 examples it references. I haven't sifted through the page history but I don't think its not displaying something properly (nothing in the console), I think its just not there - its certainly not in the page source.

Is this the right place to make note of such things? I created an 'account' with the docs wiki, but aside from changing profile attributes, there doesn't actually appear to be anything one can do... (I just wanted to note it somewhere - no interest in actually being an editor or writer). Maybe remove the 'create account'/'login' option for the public?

If this is not the right spot for this - can you please point me to the right spot?

Also - could use those examples :wink: