Documentation of HE device drivers - where?

Dear clever community :slight_smile:

I am trying to understand the functionality of the different HE drivers!

Currently I am trying to have a power consumption graph established w. Aqara devices using Hubigraph. But I lack the knowledge to understand the way the driver "Generic Zigbee Outlet" works. Since I am getting two different device event behaviour from two Aqara devices.

I'd like to find information about the following:

  1. Specific information about the "Generic Zigbee Outlet" driver and the Preference: "Enable automatic power reporting". What does it mean if the value is set to 1 Watt vs. 100 Watt
  2. General overview of driver documentation - is there an overview of all HE drivers somewhere?
  3. Device information: Is the "Event history size" the number of events or is it the size of each event?
  4. Device information: What does the "State history size" mean?

Clarification of any of the above will be appreciated - thx. :pray:

B.r. Jan

Try to do my part, but I think there is not a single place where you could look up such information. Some of it has been added over releases, so the release notes might be a place... but documentation is definitely a "as users get to updating the wiki" scenario. I will admit I tried to submit changes to the wiki but none of them ever got displayed so I have no idea how users are supposed to do it. ANYWAYS:

  1. There is not any documentation I know of for any of the built-in drivers... BUT. To my knowledge, when you set the value for the wattage that indicates when the device will report an event. So if you have it set for 5 watts and the power change goes from 20 to 40 watts, it would report it. But if it only went from 20 to 21, you would not see an event because it was not in the change threshold. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Oops... kindof already mentioned that above.
  3. The number of events.
  4. Not exactly sure... I think it is similar to the Events one... but I do not know a way to check them (like there is the Events button at the top of a device's page). Sure there is a way, this feature has been around for quite some time even before it was available on the device's page (as a hidden feature)... but my searches have not found an answer (amongst the multitude of results, I might have missed it).

The magnitude of the change required to generate an event. Eg. with the value at 1, a change from 9 to 10 (or 10 to 9) will generate an event. At a value of 100, the magnitude of the change has to be 100W to generate an event. Intervening device reports are ignored.

Look at this document and at the examples in Hubitat's public GitHub repository.

The number of events.

AFAIK, the length of history for each state.


Thank you both 'snell' and 'aaiyar' for swift answers.

  1. Number of events makes sense and was what I thought - thx
  2. Watt change - also makes sense. I'll try it out to see if it reflects my graphs
  3. I already looked at that HE doc. and found it mostly beneficial for developers. But I'll go ahead and look at the Github repo' Haven't spent much time there yet.

Thx. again :pray: