As is well known among the community, the online documentation has moved from to . The one problem that this has caused is that the big search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, etc. are all still showing links to when you search for documentation issues.

e.g. searching for "Hubitat driver capability list" in every search engine I've tried sends me to which then fails to load. A brief test with curl.exe indicates that there isn't even a web server listening on that host.

Is there any chance that you can set up a simple redirect so that any request sent to is redirected to

You could even do that using the same physical server. Just set up a CNAME DNS record that points to, use virtual hosting to issue the 301 Moved permanently, and then when you fetch the certificate from Lets Encrypt, ask them to include as a second Subject Alternative Name on the current certificate you've got for docs2.

The site going down was an accident that should be fixed now. Thanks!

Any current page should have a link directing to a similar page on the new site. We'd love to have done an automatic redirect or more but unfortunately do not have enough control over the original "docs" server to do this; a link was the next-best idea we could think of.

Hopefully search engines catch up and start putting "docs2" in the results soon, but eventually I think the plan was to make "docs" point there too, so that will probably change things if nothing else. :slight_smile:

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