Do you guys encounter weird behaviour like this?

So rules working fine for days, and just random dumb things happen.

For instance today I walked upstairs and the bedroom light is on. It should go off with no motion. So I check motion activity and it’s reporting correct, but it’s not seeing my light status. I’m using Lutron.

So I check logs etc and last light activity is in the morning. I manually turn it off no update in Hubitat. I click on the rule hit done and now it’s seeing light activity?!?

So confusing....

The rule would have nothing at all to do with the device's status displaying correctly in HE. Remember, the page you are looking at might not be dynamic. Which means, it may not update without hitting refresh. So, it may say that it thinks the light is on but in reality, it knows that it's off, it's just not displaying that for you at the moment.

The real test is what is being displayed on the device edit page or in a dashboard. Not on the rule.

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The FIRST troubleshooting step need to be: Make sure the device status is correct on the device detail page (refresh the page to make sure you are looking at current values!).

Don't look on a dashboard tile, don't look on a Rule page, etc. If it is not correct on the device detail page, then you very likely have a device or zwave/zigbee mesh issue (could need more repeaters, could have too much interference on the zigbee channel you are using, could have wonky zigbee light bulbs trying to act as routers unsuccessfully, could have a bad device, etc.)

If it is correct on the device detail page, and the rule isn't firing as expected, THEN start troubleshooting the Rule.

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How important is it for the statuses to be correct? I thought that if a bulb's status is ON, and a rule has to switch it on, the Hubitat will send the ON command nonetheless...???

It should (but that is driver dependent - and no one can see the in box driver code, so who knows...).

But the TRIGGERING device(s) status correctness is of critical importance, because if it is not correct, then the rule may never fire as expected.

Should have added.

Looking at the logs of the actual device (light) wasn’t shown it was turned on mean while I’m standing in the room. I hit the physics button and no log for it.

That could be due to the fact that logging was turned off for the device in question. Logging turns off automatically after being turned on.

I empathize. I have one Z-Wave dimmer that randomly turns on. And there is no log event, because I've figured out that the dimmer itself has a defect that causes this. Not saying that's your case, but it took me a long time to figure out what was happening. One of these days I'll replace it.

All my lighting is done via Lutron Caseta.

Look in the Logs for the Lutron Telnet device, and see if it shows up there when you hit the switch on / off.

Look for the name of the device or the actual word telnet ?

Goto the Device page and find "Lutron Telnet" in the Type column....


Take note of what you are calling it...

Look in Live logs for whatever you called that device.