Do Osram Lightify A19 RGBW bulbs work with the Hue bridge?

I want to move my zigbee light bulbs onto the Hue bridge. I've got three Cree A19s and four Osram RGBW A19s. Google searches indicate the Cree bulbs work with the Hue bridge, but results were ambiguous about the Lightify RGBW A19s.

Can anyone confirm that the Osram RGBW A19s work with the Hue bridge? Also, what version of Hue bridge - want to make sure I buy the right thing on eBay.


I have those lights. It's my understanding that Osram was flashing them to ZLL on request so they would pair, but quit doing it.

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That explains the ambiguity in search results.

The above is correct. Anything you've purchased recently would have been ZHA 1.2 in the US or ZLL in Europe. They used to allow "cross-grading" from ZHA to ZLL firmware but stopped allowing it under the guise that it's because they were going to standardize on Zigbee 3.0, then the differences wouldn't matter. Yet, here we are several years later, and there's still no Zigbee 3.0 firmware for their bulbs (or mechanism to switch to ZLL firmware), preventing you from using them on a Hue network unless you were one of the earlier, luckier people. They are also unusable for any practical purpose on a ZHA network unless you have a hub dedicated to bulbs (I think Mike has reported these as being even worse than the average Zigbee bulb at repeating for non-bulb devices), so ... yay for those of us who have them. :slight_smile:

In a related news, I'm trying to sell one on eBay and can hardly give it away (this is the third week I've listed it). I might be stuck using it. Ha.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. That's a shame. It's just 7 bulbs - I may just replace them all with Sengleds.

I've been lucky so far - not a single zigbee device has dropped off the network since I setup HE. But I don't want to push that luck -
want to remove things that can potentially compromise the zigbee mesh.