Do I need a subscription to actually control things from anywhere?

Does the (mobile) app allow me to, for example lock/unlock my door from anywhere, or only in the house on the same LAN? (Do I need the subscription to actually control things from anywhere?)

No, you do not need a subscription to control devices remotely from the mobile app. However, to control locks, you will need to build a Hubitat Dashboard, first, which seamlessly integrates with the Hubitat Mobile apps.

The built-in dashboard comes with free remote access of your Hubitat connected devices from the mobile app or a browser. For more details on creating a dashboard, please check out the following document:®_Dashboard

For switches, dimmers and light bulbs, you can also control them remotely from the Devices tab within the Mobile apps, that can be categorized by rooms (if the rooms are created in the hub's interface).


A consumer's plug for the *** entirely optional *** remote admin solution from Hubitat...

As BobbyD pointed out there is no subscription needed to control devices using the Hubitat dashboard and it works fine off prem. There is also no subscription needed to control your entire hub's UI remotely - you can do it with VPN or other methods. However, the Hubitat remote admin subscription IS very handy if you want access to all of your HE's user interface and functions AND you don't want to bother or don't have the technical knowledge to securely configure other options.


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