Do I have a problem with my ‘Live Production’ hub?

My Hue bridge is always connected, my hue bulbs work instantly when triggered by motion or one of my little apps
My RM rules run when they should.. and do what they should..
My xioami devices are all connected and have stayed that way since connection..
My zigbee and z-wave devices have stayed connected and operate as they should
I have migrated quite a number of small apps from smartthings without too much trouble and they all work perfectly.
My weather device reports as it should and ‘weather switch’ performs the correct configured actions
My ‘Presence Central’ app works as it should... Hubitat always knows if we are at home or away, it knows when one of the cars leaves the drive..
The few things still on smartthings all are controlled by HE and report actions correctly
I currently don’t have a connection to Alexa as I’m in the UK and I had already deleted the old connection (The UK version of the app has not been ‘approved’ yet)

I do all my ‘dev’ testing on a 2nd hub until I’m sure everything is ok..

After seeing so many problems that people have with lockups, slowdowns and 500 errors I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong???

There is one thing... I DON’T USE WEBCORE!! ... I wonder.... :slight_smile:

Is sarcasm is a particularly ‘English’ thing?




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noun: sarcasm; plural noun: sarcasms

the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.


adjective: facetious

treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.

A facetious comment is a joking comment—often inappropriate. Think of a jester or joker making a funny face at you, and remember the first part of facetious. Sarcastic comes from a Greek word that means "to speak bitterly or sneer." ... A sarcastic response is less funny than a facetious response and more bitter and harsh.

Warning. I live in the US, but was raised by British parents. :slight_smile: Does that make ME sarcastic or facetious? OR is it just that dry British humor I'm infected with?


I might suggest @Cobra has chosen his words considering the typical US vocabulary constraints...

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While I agree that webCore is probably causing quite a few issues, I can only speak from my experience. I never installed webCore and I got the 500 errors due to some kind of database corruption.

The support I received from @bobbyD was fantastic and we think we narrowed it down to problematic secure zwave devices. I removed these devices (and other ghost devices) and I haven't had any issues since.

I have re-added them about 2 weeks ago and have not had any major issues...however I have noticed a slight delay in my routine execution (but that might just be in my head).

I say this only to point out that while I believe webCore is a culprit in many of the issues we are seeing, it is definitely NOT the only one. Let's keep our eyes open and not scapegoat one application.


It was mostly 'tongue-in-cheek' and designed to provoke a reaction :slight_smile:

However; I agree that webcore seems to cause some people problems.

I think a little planning and research has helped my system.

For example, my USB sticks are central to my home, not in some corner.

My Hubitat hub is on a separate VLAN with the Hue, Smartthings, Alexa and any other HA device (all backed up by a large UPS and multiple firewalls & internet routes) so not affected by any other network traffic

I did have an issue with my PWS (weather station) flooding my network so it had to be separated off, but that's about it.

I agree the Hubitat team are fantastic in supporting this platform.
(But I would like to have a little dig at @mike.maxwell while I'm here - FIBARO RGBW & Relays!!!) :slight_smile:

As always, credit needs to be given here also for all the help we get from each other on this forum


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I've had WebCORE installed since I got my hub and I haven't had any problems with the hub itself. I don't have that many rules, 8-10 currently and they're very simple rules, so that may have something to do with it.

I'm curious

If they are not too complex, what was the reason you used webcore as opposed to rule machine or other in-built app?


I could definitely accomplish the same things in RM, and I have a few RM rules actually. I just prefer working with the WebCORE UI. If I had problems with WebCORE I would certainly port the rules over to RM, or use a built in app.

The most recent patch to the ported WebCORE has improved WebCORE's performance a bit, it's a little more snappy. I would like to see the Hubitat devs build a better UI around Rule Machine, or as Hubitat grows perhaps we'll see some more optimization to WebCORE.


In the back of my mind, I am always wary of 3rd party products.. what happens if they are withdrawn or become unsupported?
With the original author's affiliation with Smartthings, any support or improvements could not come from him.

That was one of the reason's I was determined to learn a bit of coding around groovy when I first got smartthings and now Hubitat. I realise that not everyone is prepared, or able, to do that.

At least if one of my apps goes wrong I only have myself to blame :slight_smile:

I do use a couple of RM rules where it is quicker to use than writing a little app.
I suspect that will always be in Hubitat (or a variant of it)

My 1st inclination when I realised how good Hubitat was, was to buy a second hub - That way even if the company fails I will have 'spare' hardware to continue with.
And, I get to test on a dev box without affecting WAF :slight_smile:



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