Do all z-wave buttons need to "wake up" before a button press can be detected?

I have several z-wave buttons from different manufacturers (Aetec Wallmote, Aeotec nanomote, Aqara button, and Fibaro's "The Button"), but they all have one thing in common - they never work on the first click unless recently used. I have to click then once, and then click again (not taking about a double-click here) for a light to turn on for example?

Is this normal behavior for z-wave buttons?

I understand that these are battery operated devices and have to "sleep" - otherwise, the battery would be drained quickly. But is there a button out there that wakes up and sends a "pushed" command all without having to press the button 2 times?

Or is this not a normal thing?

I don't have an answer to the "wake up" question, but a suggestion for something to try.

Did you include them using S2 security? If not, try excluding one of them and re-including using S2 and see if the problem remains.

Most people think of S2 as just providing security. But it also causes the devices to use a Z-wave function called "supervision" which provides for automatic re-transmission from the device if a command isn't received and acknowledged by the hub's driver.

Also, are the buttons getting moved from room-to-room such that their communication routes may be changing? If so, that may also be an issue (and, again, the "supervision" offered by S2 may help fix that).

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This is not a normal thing. I have several iterations of Aeotec buttons and they all work just fine on one push. Not quite sure where to send you for troubleshooting other than to check the standard zwave health items...

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