DLink DCH-Z510 siren Drivers?

Hi guys,

Just got my Hubitat C7 and transfer some thing over from Smartthings, But can't seem to find anything for my Zwave Siren DLink DCH-Z510, Seems it's a rebadged Philio PSE02.
Can anyone help

Sorry if this is in the wrong place



Just set as the Aeotec Siren driver. This will create two devices in HE. I have one of these and works well.

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Ok Guy can any one help,

Trying to add this to my Zwave network and HE finds it but get stuck initialising , The first time I added it it went through to the device, but didn't seem to do anything so I excluded and deleted the device ( I think )now it's seem to get stuck Initialising

Hi Royski would it be possible to give me brief rundown on how you installed your Dlink Siren?

Any help would be appreciated