DIY ESPhome multisensor

has anyone built this and have it running on your HE? If so how

Thanks in advance

With HubDuino, you can build whatever you'd like and easily integrate it with Hubitat.

I have 5 or 6 ESP32 ( Arduino IDE) talking to MQTT and drivers on Hubitat to listen and or control them. Simple, except for the typos in my code.

Ditto. And have another I'm building this weekend.

@JasonJoel @ccoupe any particular design?

I'm not sure what you mean by design. My code is heavily influenced by my MQTT desire. I also use a one second timer interrupt for dealing with time . Delay() just seems too old school. I've got some motion sensors using both AM312 PIR and a RCWL-516 microwave. The circuit design is just breadboad plus some solder. And some ferrite cores around the PIR sensor wires. PIR's are sensitive to the WIFI from the ESP32. I built a 'ranger' from a HC-SR504 ultasonic sensor and an 2 line LCD 1602 (i2c). These are pretty specific to my needs but you're welcome to browse/borrow what you like. Sketches at Matching HE drivers at Don't trust the README's very far.

Not really. If I need wifi I use a NodeMCU/ESP8266... If I need a lot of I/O (like an alarm panel) I use an arduino mega + Ethernet shield.

In all cases I push the data to my MQTT broker, and then out to other systems if I need to do something else with the data,

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I don't believe anybody has built a proper EspHome integration for Hubitat, but if you're ok with using MQTT, EspHome supports it out of the box.

Are you interested in EspHome specifically, or just Esp devices in general? I've just recently started experimenting with EspHome. I haven't done much with it yet, but it seems pretty cool. I also believe it does have an API, so it certainly should be possible for somebody to write a proper integration for Hubitat. You might even get it to work through Maker API.

I vaguely remember ESPHome not having motion sensor support which I was looking for at the time. It also seemed like I'd have to learn/live in the ESPHome eco-system which doesn't appeal to me. I don't know enough about it the insides of ESPHome to comment about it.

you are limited with HubDuino

Please explain how you are limited with HubDuino?