DIY Air Quality Monitor (BME680)

Apart from a batch of dodgy displays which need to be replaced I’ve got my DIY air quality monitors up and running, a Wemos D1, ESPHome, BME680 Sensor and 3d printed case: reports Temperature, air quality, pressure, bVOC, Co2, Humidity.

For anyone who is familiar with the BME680 sensor, this is using the official bosch closed source BSEC library.

All I need now is to figure out how best to display all the sensor data in some sort of dashboard widget .. wish I could recreate what I was able to do in homeassistant ... any thoughts welcome on this!

Got it reporting in to Grafana but any thoughts on how best to display in Hubitat would be welcome!

I’ll post a tutorial if anyone is interested, depends on homeassistant as a middle man for integration with hubitat because of its use of ESPHome


Hubigraphs? That is really the closest thing I can think of.

Thanks @neonturbo

@thomas.c.howard - could the weather tile be modified for other use cases such as this ? When wanting to display multiple attributes from a sensor ?

Weather Tile 2 should support this. You can specify sensors to include. Then resize, color, etc...

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@thomas.c.howard Thanks - looks like it good be a good fit! with the sort of layout formatting you can do.. Just tried to set this up, but doesn't seem to work, what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

It looks like you did not configure Open Weather. Yes, that is a requirement, even though you might not use it... To do so, go to the bottom of the "Parent" app.

Moved issues experiencing with WeatherTile over to the hubigraph thread..

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