Display Units on Dashboard Tiles

Concern or education required.

I am trying to display units on Dashboard tiles (in this case, air quality data). Below are three tiles:

The PM_2_5 _Measurement and airQuality are not displaying the units for the same. Both attributes are set up as a number. Example:
attribute "PM_2_5_Measurement", "number"

The events are displaying the units:

Yet there is no display of the unit value.
Is this the expected result?

It's possible.

In the tile definition, there's a checkbox for "Override Device Unit", which then pops up a text line for the entry. I had to use that to display "%" after the humidity reading on a couple of my multifunction sensors.

You are using the attribute tile, correct? That doesn't allow you to display a unit. You have to have the unit in the Attribute itself which would require you to modify the driver to include it. That would also make the attribute a string instead of a number.

I was afraid of that. . As usual, thanks.

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